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About Us

In this magnificent setting, here they arise, the creative thoughts and from this, the unforgettable and unique journeys.  

We are a small group of railway enthusiasts. Our first trips were organized in 1991. During this period, just nostalgia trips with historic cars and mainly steam locomotives. In part, there were pioneer travels to the former GDR (East Germany). France (Vosges) was also one of our goals.  

Today, our focus is directed to luxurious holidays with first-class cars, where we are mainly on the track with historical locomotives. We place special emphasis on the food. Only selected menus and fine drinks served in an exclusive environment. The quality of the car is exceptional. See our details in the home page or refer to the information in our brochures.

In the near future, we will again offer at least one steam drive per year. If successful, it can also be three to four trips.

We are planning a unique multi-day trip as:


Special trips to the Côte d'Azure, to the Arctic Circle, to East-Prussia, and in the Puszta in Hungary, or as a remote destination, Istanbul. These trips usually last between 8 and 23 days. And all with steam locomotives. Really special events, that have never offered before.
The first trip will be launched in 2016. It goes to the Cote d'Azure. (if the SNCF and FS give the green light)

All further information on this website. So check back here often!